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83% of Consumers Are Not Using Telehealth – but Most Wish They Were

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83% of Consumers Are Not Using Telehealth – but Most Wish They Were Vivify Health Like Comment Share Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC

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Before we jump into strategies to fully leverage your returns, first let’s consider a few relevant data points to help us think differently about returns: 83% of consumers. policy. Not surprisingly.

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Most Consumers Want Virtual Care: New Study Posted Aug 18 2017 by CTeL News in Broadband , Home Healthcare , Research , Telehealth , Telemedicine with 0 Comments The people have spoken (yet again), and they want access to virtual visits.

eCommerce market in India has been very unpredictable for some time now. Flipkart, which had crossed the 100 million users mark in September this year, saw another dip in its valuation by 38%. As the e-Retail business in India is expected to touch the $48 billion revenue mark by 2020, recent research shows 83% consumers in India prefer online shopping on their smartphones.

At the time of the survey, the vast majority of consumers – 82 percent – indicated they do not use telehealth. Only 18 percent said they use the technology. The hesitance to utilize telemedicine stems from a variety of reasons. One is a lack of knowledge about insurance.

83% of Healthcare Orgs to Invest in Telehealth, mHealth Tools. About 50 percent of respondents said they were excited for online consumer-driven services through telehealth, and another 35 percent expressed interest in mobile-app based telehealth use.

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Dive Brief: The 2017 analysis involved more than 800 providers and consumers and found eight in 10 consumers were unsure of or had never heard of telehealth services. A reason people often gave for not using telehealth was concern about how comfortable they would feel with a virtual visit (46%).

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That’s the core message coming out of a recent Vivify Health survey, which showed 83% of consumers are interested in receiving virtual care, but only 17% have access to it.