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Bordered Patch caterpillars, Cowpen Daisies, and 362 San Antonio pollinator habitats

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Monarch butterflies are visiting the Texas Hill Country. When these beautiful creatures take their annual fall flight South to Mexico, they stop for nourishment in the Texas Hill Country. Monarchs have been sighted all around the state. reports sightings in Texas Hill Country cities.

Caterpillars will go into diapause knowing that their plants won’t be necessarily available. They will "wake up" in Fall & continue where they left off. Bordered patch (chlosyne lacinia), host plants include (but not limited to) Cowpen daisy, Common Sunflower, & Frostweed.

Bordered Patch caterpillars, Cowpen Daisies, and 362 San Antonio pollinator habitats Contents Community impact newspaper gardening tip Hill country. monarchs Texas hill country cities host plant survives 1837) family: nymphalidae.. young caterpillars Leaves; older caterpillars If you happen to find a lot of bordered patch butterflies flying.

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For the first time ever, I had photos of both caterpillar and adult stages of a butterfly. The lucky winner was the Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia) found out behind the border fort (our domicile) in Cochise County, Arizona.and "lucky" was definitely the operative term. Interesting black caterpillars with red-orange areas atop the.

Bordered Patch butterfly on Cowpen Daisy, San Antonio’s "unofficial" pollinator plant of the year for 2019. Photo by Monika Maeckle. According to a 1970 paper by Drummond and Emmel, the yellow larvae of the egg masses hatch simultaneously. The tiny caterpillars consume the empty eggs, then start feeding on a thin silken web in a packed.

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I reported seeing Crimson Patch caterpillars on my acanthus bushes last month. Today, I found a Crimson Patch butterfly on the porch near the bushes. I think the butterfly had recently exited its chrysalis, and was still letting its wings "dry.". Red-bordered Metalmark. Specimen Type: Photograph.

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Bordered Patch caterpillars, Cowpen Daisies, and 362 San Antonio pollinator habitats Recent rains and a campaign to get Cowpen Daisies into area gardens as San Antonio’s "unofficial" pollinator plant of the year appear to have spawned an early crop of Bordered Patch.