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Teacher pay raise passes Senate, medical pot bill passes House, what to watch for in Dallas mayoral runoff

Tamir Kalifa for The Texas Tribune TribCast: An Obamacare hearing, UT’s tuition affordability, a growing U.S. Senate field by Patrick Svitek and Michael Rey de Leon July 10, 2019

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Oklahoma Senate passes bill to fund teacher pay raises. The bill has multiple different tax hikes to raise $447 million in revenue. It would increase the gross production by five percent on all wells, increase the cigarette tax by one dollar per package, increase the gas tax three cents, and diesel tax six cents. The Senate also advanced HB.

The bill would increase the base amount the state puts in to educate each child by $890 per student. Lawmakers to debate school finance reform bill at Texas Capitol today | WATCH LIVE

Program Announces New Author Partner Tom Angleberger, Celebrates The Positive Force Of Reading | RazzleTazzle Teacher pay raise passes senate, medical pot bill passes house, what to watch for in dallas mayoral runoff A woman died this morning when she crashed into a construction area along Stemmons Freeway in northwest Dallas.

The Texas Senate on Monday voted out sweeping school-funding legislation that would give every teacher in Texas a $5,000 raise while cutting property taxes for home and business owners.

The lower chamber voted 130-10 tuesday to pass House Bill 20 authored by Rep. Trent Ashby, R-Lufkin, which would put a one-time influx of $212 million into TRS-CARE, the health plan that serves.

4 Percent Teacher Pay Raise Bill Reaches House Following Senate Procedural Confusion (Updated) Mar 5, 2018, 1:27pm Molly Born On the seventh day of teacher walkouts in all 55 counties Friday, Justice and a group of superintendents urged Senate leaders to pass the governor’s plan as proposed, with a 5 percent increase.

Senate passes teacher pay raise, tax credit bills; fails to reach votes required to fund them. It would have applied a 12.7% increase to minimum salaries, totaling approximately a $4,000 increase to the minimum starting salary, along with stepped increases for length of teaching, which passed 35-11, with three Republicans joining all senate Democrats voting against.

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